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Coolmuster Android Assistant

Coolmuster Android Assistant

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Coolmuster Android Assistant is our recommendation for those looking for an Android phone to computer backup software. One of the best tools you can use to back up your contacts (contacts), media (photos and videos), SMS (messages), call logs and even your apps to PC. If you are looking for an effective program to manage data on your Android phone on PC, download Coolmuster Android Assistant.

Download Coolmuster Android Assistant – Android Phone Backup Utility for PC

Have you accidentally deleted any important data on your Android phone? ? Have you lost everything after factory resetting your Android phone? It’s time to get in the habit of backing up your Android data to a safe place. Coolmuster Android Assistant, one-stop Android management software, can manage media, contacts, messages, call logs, etc. on your Android phone. Keeps it in one place on the PC. It has all the functions that may be required for management on Android devices.

Tired of backing up or restoring data on your Android device to computer one by one? Android Assistant allows you to backup and restore your Android phone / tablet in just one click.

Click the “Backup” button to back up certain types of files on your Android phone to your computer. Click the “Restore” button to select and restore certain files to back up from your Android phone.

Coolmuster Android Assistant is 100% safe and compatible with almost all popular Android phones and tablets. A wide variety of Android brands, including Huawei, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, ZTE and other Android phone manufacturers, are supported by this Android management tool. It performs read-only actions to prevent any damage to your Android data and computer. With Android Assistant, you can manage multiple Android devices at the same time.

Android backup program for PC Coolmuster Android Assistant is a unique tool that can be used to back up all data on your Android phone to PC with a single click. Along with the user-friendly interface, backing up Android data is very easy and very safe.

The backed up data maintains 100% quality. It is possible to back up all the data on your smartphone with one click. With this application, you can add new contacts, delete and edit existing ones from your PC.You can use this application to import / export, renew, delete call records. Imports and exports contacts from Outlook. Android 4.0 – Compatible with almost all Android devices running Android 10.0.

Backing Up Android Phone to Computer

Launch Coolmuster Android Assistant: Install and launch the program on your PC. Connect your phone via USB cable or WiFi. After your phone is successfully connected, you can see the main interface of the program. (This program offers functionality (one-click backup and restore) to back up all data in one go, except for backing up data one by one. You can restore the backed up data with one click. For this you need to access the “Super Toolkit” option and select “Backup”. ) Select files to back up: Select the files you need to back up and choose the destination location on your computer to save these backups. Click the “Back Up” button to save the files in the selected location.

Note: Do not disconnect your phone before the process is complete. The process takes a few minutes depending on the size of your files. After taking the Android backup, you can restore this backup file to any Android phone the next time you need it.

Want to back up some files on your Android device? Coolmuster Android Assistant can help you.

It’s that simple! For example; To backup the contacts on your Android phone to PC, go to the “Contacts” tab, tick the contacts you want, click the Export button and select the output format.


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